Should you be using facebook for your business?

group imageThere is no doubt; the Facebook phenomenon has taken over those pockets of mind where peace and quiet once lived. A second of downtime and today’s generation is either sending cyber stickers or fiddling with settings to avoid receiving stickers from parties they no longer ‘Like’. But, is Facebook a serious business tool or just for poking and provoking?




Worth an estimated $190 Billion Facebook thrives on the power of ‘Likes’. When we like a page we give away valuable secrets to the mighty advertising platform, they then know what we are passionate about. If you ever want to sell to somebody, find their passions!


Your network of friends, colleges and customers are your greatest assets, without which your business would not survive. Imagine if each of them were on your side and worked to generate new business for you. This form of leverage is not only free but is equal to the favoured form of advertising we know as ‘word of mouth’. Your customers are far more likely to buy from those they communicate with regularly, so you must somehow improve your communication strategy.

DON’T HAVE TIME TO PLAY ON FACEBOOK… I leave that to the children.

You don’t have to slave for hours to build up a network; you could find someone else to do this on your behalf. You can pay Facebook; find a private account manager or employ a savvy teenager. Of course all of this costs money and, without tangible sales, it’s hard to justify such outlay. Buying impressions (a fancy name for getting your message read) can indeed be expensive. Finding the right target market and pitching your message is indeed an art form (clicks can cost anything from a few pence to pounds). It’s easy to dwindle away a couple of hundred pounds in a day with Facebook advertising.


There is an alternative way to develop business page activity, and this is through social cohesion. You can ask others to like and share your business page; imagine if local communities did this on a grand scale. Your local economy grows when cash is either saved or spent locally – it’s a matter of simple economics. The less money that goes out of the town, the more money is left to spend in the town.


As part of a local cohesion strategy ‘Doncaster B2B Likes’ group has been launched. The purpose of this local economy hub is to ease the cost and time for those developing local business pages. The‘Doncaster B2B Likes’ strategy works on the premise that most people like to be ‘liked’. The idea is that new members introduce themselves, by sharing their Facebook business links, then existing members ‘LIKE’ their page. A simple one-line description of what the business does is all that is required (don’t forget to include your link)


Forget worrying about promoting your competitors, such fears are counterproductive, besides if your customers leave to go elsewhere then you need to ask yourself ‘why?’

Does business take place in a vacuum? No!  We are all in this together – so better to support your community than a single minded approach. Who knows you may find a new supplier, employee or even learn about a new service in your area.

Like the idea? Become a part of the Doncaster B2B group bleow or why not set your own up?

WHY? Because it’s nice to be liked!