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“Keywords, Meta-tags and Data Research – there’s not enough hours in the day,” I hear you socialmediasay.


There is when you have an IT division working ‘undercover’ on your behalf!

Google prides itself on being the largest information resource on the planet. It excels in giving people information that is relevant to their needs. The way it does this is by scanning the web for solutions to people’s problems. The most successful answers will highlight customer needs and provide clear, reputable solutions.

Using Data research to ensure that the right keywords and Meta-tags are being used, we can work undercover on your behalf to ensure that the search engines rank your website.

SEO using Social Media
Our effective professional SEO services can reap maximum profits for your business.

So, your service is second to none; your website is ‘all singing all dancing’ and you have a strap line that Sir Alan Sugar would be proud of. Then why aren’t you inundated with new customers?
Whether you sell widgets that make people feel good, save them money or solve their problems, you must get others talking about you. Social media sites can help you to do this exponentially. We can apply social bookmarking options on your site. By having social bookmarking buttons on your site or in your email messages, you can track how many subscribers join your community and respond to them directly.

Add Word Campaigns
By setting accurate goals prior to deploying an email campaign and spending time getting comfortable with Google
Analytics, you can analyze your “goal ratio” and constantly improve your results. If you don’t have time, we will forward you a comprehensive report telling you where your site is ranking and how many hits it is receiving.

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